Soladeck Roof Top DC Combiner Box for Fuses


AC/DC Rated Combiner Box

Rated for 600VDC, 120A or 120/240VAC, 60A

SolaDeck is a PV wire enclosure and seamless flashed product all in one. It eliminates the multiple parts and respective labor typically needed to accomplish the roof penetration for a weather-tight wiring passageway into the home.

Unique in the solar industry, SolaDeck is designed with a seamless flashing consistent with standard roofing practices for roof penetration. All SolaDeck models are third party tested by ETL to the UL50 Type 3R and UL1741 standards. This ensures high quality and reliability of every model.

The 0760-41AD combiner is a NEMA 3R rated enclosure ideal for combining both AC and DC branch circuits. The enclosure can hold up to (3) ABB AC mini breakers or can work with Soladeck Mini Fuse Holders and an industry standard, 10x38mm fuse to combine up to 4 DC circuits.

Positive and negative busbars, over-current protection and negative terminal blocks for each negative PV connection must be purchased separately. Use the chart below to determine what pieces you will need for your installation.

AC/DC Combiner Box Components

*The charts below indicate how many additional components are needed for the number of branch circuits being combined.

DC Systems

Number of DC Circuits being Combined
DC Positive Busbar(0784BB)
Mini DC Breakers (1456.16) or Fuse Holders (1452)
Negative Terminal Block (1451)
DC Negative Busbar
2 1 2 2 1
3 1 3 3 1
4 1 4 4 1

AC Systems

Number of AC Circuits being Combined
AC 2 Circuit Busbar Kit 
(0784 AC 2K)
AC 3 Circuit Busbar Kit 
(0784 AC 3K)
ABB Mini AC Breakers(1455.15)
or (1455.20)
Power Block Neutral String Combiner
2 1 0 2 1
3 0 1 3 1

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AC/DC Rated Combiner Box

Can also work as a pass through box


Rated for 600VDC, 120A or 120/240VAC, 60A

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 12 × 12 in


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