Primus 45 Foot Guyed Tower


This tower kit is designed specifically for the Primus Wind Power AIR 30 and AIR 40 wind turbines. To our knowledge this is the most economical and user friendly tower kit available for the “AIR” wind turbines. Guy wire supported construction allows the use of lightweight tubing while providing plenty of strength for all but hurricane conditions. Two people can easily erect a tower with this kit in an hour or so. Since the turbine and the tower kit are light in weight, no winches, vehicles or beasts of burden are needed to erect the tower. All that is required is a little
bit of “elbow grease”. We recommend that at least two people be present when the tower is raised, although it is conceivable that a single person could actually raise a tower on their own.

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The AIR tower kit includes a simple yet effective elbow/tee for its base. Combined with a short length of tubing this type of base eliminates the need for a concrete pad, base plate and a swivel for the base of the tower.
A simple extruded aluminum, coupling clamp allows the use of a wide selection of different kinds of tubing, depending on availability, site requirements and customer preference. Threaded coupling points are eliminated, allowing lighter materials to be used with the same or greater strength than a threaded pipe tower. Pre-cut and swaged guy wires eliminate wire measuring and cutting.


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