Kubota GL11000 Lowboy II model


Two vertical type Super Mini series diesel engines, the Z482 and D722, are at the heart of the new Lowboy II series. This new series keeps the same compact size, low body design and low noise levels of the previous series, while enhancing its environmentally friendly features.

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Improved reliability
2 Generator and engine are direct-coupled to ensure a more reliable power supply with minimum power loss.
1 Large capacity fuel tank (28L/7.4 US gal enables longer continuous operation on a single tank.)
The wave form distortion is kept to a minimum by the skewed rotor, while the damper winding protects the generator during short circuits, regulates voltage fluctuations during condensive loads, and withstands load fluctuations during condensive and non-linear loads. (GL11000 only)
Easy maintenance
12 One-side maintenance realized, reducing the operator’s work load. (Maintenance checkups on oil, fuel battery and cooling water levels.)
14 Larger-capacity oil pan employed to stretch the oil change intervals up to 200 operating hours. Reduced the running cost for the generator owner.
2 Generator and engine are direct-coupled. Eliminated the cog-belt, therefore, no need to replace or adjust it anymore.
Safety measures
16 Double circuit protectors. In addition to the overall circuit protector, each receptacle also has a circuit protector that will shut the engine down to prevent it from over-current damages.
& 10
Protective covers on all moving parts (for the engine’s cooling fan and the generator)
19 Automatically shuts the engine down in case the water temperature raises excessively or the oil pressure drops below a safe level.
18 Equipped with a starter safety relay to prevent the starter from engaging again after the engine starts up. (A safety feature)
6 Double element air cleaners are standard equipment. Ideal for heavy-duty applications in dusty environments.
17 An access terminal to connect to the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) is standard equipment.
Applicable fore stationary use as well.
& 15
Transportability is enhanced with special forklift openings on the base of the machine, and the one-point lifting eye.
GL7000: Full-power switch is standard equipment. Two sockets (30A + 30A) to take out the
full 120V power.
GL11000: 50A receptacle, widely used in the North American market, is standard equipment. Can provide up to 42A from a single socket, and 83A in total from multiple sockets.
Remote control kit.

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Weight 701 lbs
Dimensions 1281 × 618 × 698 in


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