Learn Solar

Solar Installers Canada

SIC is Canada’s national solar training institute. We train from beginner to pro and have earned recognition in 2 provinces as a recognized training institute for solar installers. We train the Industry and end-user customers with passion and knowledge based on.

Seminars & WorkShops

We hold free solar seminars and workshops which are designed to help the homeowner and enthusiast gain a better understanding of off-grid and grid-tie systems.

SIC CSA Solar Course

This course is our 4-day solar installer course which is held across Canada. The installer course is the prerequisite for taking the CSA electrician exam and can be taken by anyone interested in becoming an installer.

Hands-On Courses

Gain a comprehensive understanding of solar installations, by installing a complete system at our hands-on training facility. You will gain a practical sense of installation and be more confident with your first installs.