Grid-Tied Solar Systems: The Evolution of the Power Grid!

When you power your house with clean, renewable energy from the sun, you are part of the evolution of our modern power grid.  Not only are you harnessing a free and abundant resource that is actively ageing your existing roof surface; you are making a statement about your view of the modern world! Yes, we can do better, and yes, I am a part of that change. Even without the many financial benefits of “micro-generation” (lowering your electrical bills and locking in your power price for the long-term) – we’ll get to those soon, if your roof or property can accommodate the technology then it still makes perfect sense to invest in solar today. Let me explain:

A – The future is here . . . almost:

We now have the technology to actively build smart and decentralized power grids that include battery storage and data-based control systems.

B – Grid Support and Grid independence:

Ever heard the rumour that grid-tied systems don’t help you in the case of a power outage?  Well it’s true . . . at least it was true before battery-based grid-hybrid systems became mainsteam.  Now you can generate the power you need



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