Magnum Energy ME-ARC50 Advanced Remote Display


The ME-ARC is simple to use, yet allows full set-up of all the standard and advanced features available in Magnum inverters. The ME-ARC also has the option of controlling the advanced features of the ME-AGS-N Automatic Gen Start and the ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit using a network connection to the inverter. This remote has convenient finger-tip operation, including the new one-knob programming.

Note: All settings/setup menus in the ME-ARC are compatible with MS-PAE Series inverter/chargers. If you are using the ME-ARC with another inverter/charger (other than the MS-PAE Series), some features and setup menus may not be compatible with your inverter and will not function. Contact Magnum Energy to determine if a particular feature/setup menus provided in the ME-ARC are compatible with your inverter.


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Datasheets & Collateral

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Magnum Energy ME-ARC50 Owner’s Manual Datasheet & Collateral
Magnum Energy Compatibility Sheet for ME-ARC Datasheet & Collateral

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 3 in


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